Can’t I please date you both?


redrawing this at print-res soon

Can’t I please date you both?




Fanart Friday, er, Saturday.  I have so many ideas about Mass Effect 3, you guys.  So many ideas.

Stemming from an old conversation with Ananth, I have long stated how happy I’d be if Mass Effect 3 just turned into traipsing around 22nd-century Earth with Tali and Garrus.  No fire fights, just bullshitting and sightseeing.  Bioware will sell ten copies of the game, and it will be to me ten times.

(and yeah, I realize neither Garrus nor Tali would be able to eat ice cream what with the dextro-DNA and all. :| )

Space brooooooossssss

I think, deep down, this is all anyone really wanted.