Only If For A Night (100% More Kissing Mix) - John/Karkat


Okay since Roach said it was cool if we all post our remixes early here’s one of mine! For Inverts, based on In Which Karkat Vantas, Lowly Troll Peasant, Tries Not To Have Flushed Feelings For Human Royalty, And Fails Utterly, which is adorable!

The moon has been up for hours and so has Karkat, cutting down and sheaving wheat since he rolled back out of bed. A quarter of the field is still left to harvest and something restless and anxious in him wouldn’t let him sleep without doing it. He feels grimy from sweating earlier and not washing properly. Scratched mosquito bites dot his arms with black scabs. His back hurts from bending and his arms and legs ache from running and carrying princes. He’d survived the longest day he’d ever have the misfortune of trudging through, but the night is a gift. 

If you let me talk about these fics I’ll be here all day so here’s the AO3.




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John wears his pyjamas like a suit of armour, like the knight of the Green Slime Ghost T-Shirt And Boxers, opens the door without a knock and does not flinch at the shadow curled knee to shoulder on the grubby mattress. When he lowers himself to sit on it, all the springs rasp together with squeaky metal tongues but Karkat doesn’t move; when he lies down meekly with his back to his back Karkat doesn’t move; it’s only when he reaches out for Karkat’s hand that Karkat attempts to kill him.

I’ve been reading lots of fanfiction with the intent of drawing scenes but not a whole lot has struck me for some reason. Instead I went back to the first one that did - from urbananchorite’s lock it up and leave

this is the first thing I ever done drew that got a bunch of notes. It seems like the ones I’m most scared to post do the best.

I might do it over again someday




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I… non-exclusively ship this?

Happy Valentine’s day! :)
[full pic here]

(digging into the asks now, thank you! <3)


This isn’t valentines day like at all, wow. 

Gosh well, I guess I can try again. But I’m notoriously bad it seems at drawing sweet things when the alternate is delightfully sad things! 

aaa cuties aaa

I coloured more Bobie art. :U

Everyday is Johnkat day.



karkat<3<vriska collab with anais, her sketch and my paints! my favorite thing is that karkat has apparently bit vriska twice hahaha

AAAHhhh Ella’s colorssssss <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


(also, you’d think after the first bite Vriska would keep her hand away from Karkat’s face but NOOOooo)

I love this a lot.






i feel like im jumping on a bandwagon??????

original idea from flannpyrope i believe yeh



omfg DAVE

Like a BAMF


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