Can’t I please date you both?


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Ella’s Mermaid Rose! Which is turning into a legit AU. WHEE.

This isn’t what we’re doing with Davesprite though, oops. I drew him in while we were still figuring it out.

Post-Apocalyptic Porn Groove


Okay, sure, let’s post more of this awful AU on April Fool’s. Sounds legit. Follows right after this part.

Warnings for drug use and drinking and sexy stuff and also punk western themes and occult zombies.

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Who taught Lanta how to play my heart like a fiddle


Ella’s Mermaid Rose! Which is turning into a legit AU. WHEE.

This isn’t what we’re doing with Davesprite though, oops. I drew him in while we were still figuring it out.

Can’t I please date you both?




now you know all you need to know about how i roleplay john egbert sometimes

boners (nsfw???i dont know)

respectable art blog

aw yeah

Look at that extra link too, I laughed really hard.

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Writer’s Block Advice

Okay here is some for real advice on how I get over a writer’s block. The type I’m talking about here is the kind like my last anon: when you have ideas and are unsure how to begin. I’m going to do this tomorrow, and so should you!

1. Make a playlist. Take your entire music library. Make a playlist that captures the feeling of what you want to write. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Feel free to take all the time in the world on it. Can’t decide which piece to start making a playlist for? Do as many as you need. Have a playlist for every project. Look up new music or not. Ask your friends for new music. It doesn’t matter how big it is.

2. Take a walk/drive with your playlist. Don’t bring anything else to distract you. Go somewhere and just blast that thing. Skip the songs you don’t feel like listening to. Think about your idea. A writer should try to think in scenes. Your music should help this, providing certain images for certain things.

3. Make yourself comfortable. Go to a coffee shop. Get coffee. Get tea. Get a little treat for you, some chocolate. Settle yourself in for a good deal of writing.

4. Don’t worry about being linear. If you have a scene that has come to you thanks to your musical walk, plug that shit out. If it’s fresh in your mind it’s okay to get it out there first and save it for later. You can fix it later and give it better context. Unless you’re the type that saves those scenes deliberately as a treat to lead up to. I do this sometimes. But the thing is that

5. The hardest part is the beginning. I know. I usually re-write an opening about five times before it works the way I want it to. It’s the hardest part. So if you don’t want to start with the beginning, don’t fucking worry about it. Get all the fun stuff done and come back to it. Sometimes you’ll find that the fun stuff makes a perfectly legit beginning.

I hope this helps! But really, playlists are my everything when I write, and draw sometimes too. Sometimes when you get down to writing you have to take some songs out. I find noisier or more lyrical stuff distracts me and I work better with soft and instrumental tracks. So I often end up with two playlists even for every project - the full one and one to actually work.


  •  ✞ Your religious Views?
  •  ✂ Have you ever self-harmed? Why?
  •  ✿ Relationship with your father?
  •  ❀ Relationship with your mother?
  •  ✩ Who is your most loved person?
  •  ♛ Have you ever been bullied?
  •  ☂ What is your sexuality?
  •  ☼ Who makes you the happiest?
  •  ♞ What is the most heroic thing you've ever done?
  •  ❄ What calms you down when you're upset?
  •  ♥ Have you ever fallen in love?
  •  ✖ Had your heart broken?
  •  ☛ Have you been betrayed in the past? How?
  •  ☁ Who do you miss the most?
  •  ☠ Have you ever attempted suicide?
  •  ✌ Share a secret?

Tobi wanted more Squareweave. So I doodled.