Okay I’ve finally wrangled emulators and files into working order, so begins today’s project.

Today I hope to marathon as much as I can of Mother and its sequels as a part of Extra Life, in order to raise money for the IWK Children’s Hospital. If you can help, thanks! If you can’t, you’re still welcome to the stream to keep me company. <3 This is also my first time playing Mother, or “Earthbound Zero”, so I could probably use some help if you know anything about the game. But please, no spoilers!

I should also mention that my internet right now is kind of crap. Please let me know if there are any interruptions in service on your end, and I may turn my marathon into a liveblog if it gets too awful.

Don’t cry til the end!

Let’s go!

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    Due to technical difficulties and my internet + procaster both being butts I think this will have to continue as a...
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    One of the best series of all time.
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  6. gamefreakdude said: are you using higan for the snes emulation??? higan is the only 100% accurate snes emulator that exists
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