I have a friend at Anime North who has Connections so I got a hold of her for the whole Homestuck Panel Rip Fiasco yesterday. Hopefully the numbers we got for Rachel were useful. Afterward, she asked me how it went and I said “go look, the homestucks are swarming the website.”

Today she posted this on the matter:

Fans have Power… Oh Homestuck. I still don’t know what you exactly are but apparently you have so many hardcore fans that flooded a stores website/email to remove stolen art which was printed on products for profit. Congrats to the fans on the win. 

Now..If only all hardcore fans would do this for japanese animation (regarding piracy)- it wouldn’t be in the same situation it is in today. On the decline with studios shutting down. People losing work…..Well at least one artist got a win today. That is a plus in my books.

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