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I thought this said RopeCon Flesh Market and was like DAWN WHAT KIND OF CONS ARE YOU ATTENDING………….

I KNOW RIGHT it’s an RP con but “RP” in finnish pronounced sounds like “roh pay” so rope con. Awkward for english speakers.

RopeCon Flash Market!!!

Sorry I don’t have a map but if you’re going to Ropecon in Espoo, Finland come see me at the Flash Market! I’ll be bringing my stickers, pins, prints, and a special commission rate for RP characters!

I don’t draw much porn but I love ot3s and I don’t see boy sandwiches very much. SORRY KATSUYA. He might be reluctant at first but he totally digs this Triad in the end.

God what a good ot3

soooooooo with regards to posting porn art, would it be okay if it was just tagged or would you guys prefer I hide it under a readmore?

I don’t post this stuff often obviously so I’m curious about what you guys would like




alright so now that dmmd is finally out, it’s time to focus on the next BL game that needs to be animated:



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I had no idea how into the idea of Baofu/Ulala/Katsuya I was until the moment you mentioned it. Just now. So yeah, thanks for the food for thought.


And Ulala just loves everyone and Baofu and Katsuya had all that chemistry so sometimes these things just happen when they invite Katsuya over for dinner. It’s just all that sexual tension.

Ulala’s super into the idea of a triad because let’s face it that girl has lots of love to give. Also, she can marry Katsuya since Baofu is legally dead and can’t get married and she can take care of her boys. Baofu is a little reluctant but the idea makes Ulala so happy he decides he’s alright with it.

Katsuya would take years to convince. What if Tatsuya’s friends find out and bully him? Never! No way. Not ever. Well maybe it’s okay sometimes. Alright maybe all the time. Fine.

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I had way too much fun with this commission WHEEEEEEEEE

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Are you alliance or horde? I might re-up my sub soon and roll someone over there!

I have people on both but my main is Alliance!

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oh i wanted to ask if youre playing wow on EU servers now? clark and i were thinking about coming back for the expac and thought maybe we should join your server if it’s not EU

I play on an RP server!! And I brought Ella with me. It’s my home so I’d never leave, even on a different continent.

So yeah it’s a US server: Wyrmrest Accord! Come play I can hook you up with cool pals