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Oh Jesus Christ

Kinda wanna ask you guys to ask me questions about Those Without Shadows.

But then again there won’t be anything to surprise you with if I just blab my face off.


I can’t believe I’ve been finally dedicating good time to my original stories


Ah I can’t believe I managed to finish this AND color it aswell! Happy birthday Squall! I’m uploading it a bit early as I’m away tomorrow!

Also big thanks to emeraldlatias who read through the comic for me!

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Many new Pokemon cases in stock from PlayerProphet including new starter prints!

These cases are perfect for everything from cosmetics to school supplies, they can even be used to protect your DS, regular or XL sizes!!

Small cases: $15.00 each
Large cases: $20.00 each

Available in store at Toxic Blossom or in Player Prophet’s own online store.

We got our contributor copies of Lepakkoluola by teamparvelo which has turned out FANTASTIC IMO. The story quality is fantastic. Good work everyone!

You can buy a copy here International shipping, and the book has English subtitling! I’m really proud of Ella and my contribution too. :,)

That’s too dang cute. Where do you find it??? (the person you linked seems to be a third party/middleman?

Yeah! Vector lives in Japan and scoops up cute stuff by request or just puts stuff they find on ebay. IF ANYONE NEEDS SOME NERDY STUFF FROM JAPAN GET THEM FROM vectorsellsstuff!!

This one comes straight from the pokemon center itself *u*