Sounds like you’ve got.. Stockholm Syndrome. 8)

You’d be alarmed at how many times I’ve already heard this joke.

It’s a good joke.

Back from Stockholm! I’m in love.

With my wife. But also Sweden.






gamestop art appreciation

we actually traveled into another gamestop when we heard a rumor the artist was working there so I could get my new Fable 2 signed. No luck but we requested art in another game that was missing covers

What’s wrong with you, Canadian Gamestop. Pick up the pace


This is for everyone asking me for more Yuuya/Nanaki.

You warm my heart, and I love each and every one of you.

This is going around again. I almost forgot I made it hhehehe

What type of urinary problem? If it’s something like a UTI, it’s not super hard to deal with. Our cat Ruby had a really awful one a while back, had crystals in her urine … the vet gave us a ton of pills and it cleared her up with no recurrence.

BOOHOO THANK YOU HONEY FOR THE REASSURANCE ;m; I’m just such a worrying fussy mom bloo bloo

I think Duo’s displaying some symptoms of a urinary problem. I don’t know how easy these things are to take care of.

Tries not to cry

cries a lot

miraculous replied to your post “TALK ABOUT YOUR CAT”

i’m so happy duo’s doing okay and doesn’t hide in one room anymore <3 precious bb

Well our place is like a bachelor apartment so he can’t really leave the one big room, haha. :„,) But he could probably have hiding spots but he doesn’t bother. Susu sort of ‘owns’ the balcony but Duo will still flop outside around him in the sunshine. When it’s not 30 degrees.

lioncalledparsley asked: TALK ABOUT YOUR CAT

MY CAT I love my cat. He’s so cute and so tsundere. He’s been pretty happy here in Finland even though Ella’s cat Susu likes to bother him. He hisses and growls at Susu but he doesn’t seem to take him very seriously, thank god. I was worried that he’d go back into his shell like he did at home.

He’s old though and I worry about him eating enough and taking his meds. Lately all he wants to eat is shrimp since Ella’s mom gave us a giant bag of frozen shrimp. The cats love it. Duo whines at me if I’m in the kitchen to get some shrimp and will only settle if I go sit down somewhere else without giving him any.

revolutionator asked: what is your fave thing about finland OTHER THAN ELLA

Ugh. Trains, probably. They’re so great.

Also, Finnish donuts and ice cream. And chocolate. oh man.